Joy Young is a licensed clinical social worker who practices psychotherapy, counseling, soulcollage (registered trademark), and flower essence therapy in Portland Oregon.  Joy has over twenty years experience as a helping professional who has worked in many different areas of human services including crisis, community mental health, hospice, volunteer program coordinating, senior/elder services.  Joy enjoys working as a therapist in private practice the best.

The intention for this blog is to advocate  for better access, information, and use of psychotherapy, counseling, and other alternative therapies.   For many therapy is viewed as a luxury item not a necessity,  despite the decline in social dissatisfaction as shown by the increase in addictions, abuse, neglect, family dysfunction, depression , suicide, and public shootings.

We need safe and nurturing places where we can tell our story, explore our own minds, give voice to our truth, and practice skills for more peaceful living.   You can find out more or maybe schedule a counseling session if you live in Portland Oregon at www.mjoyyoung,com